New Construction & Remodels made easy-----10 steps

The process of working with Cabinet Encounters as you plan your new home or renovation is simple. There are 10 easy steps from project beginning to project completion.

    1. We will use your plans or go to your site and take the necessary measurements.
    2. Those measurements will be given to one of our designers who will do a preliminary drawing for you. This drawing will be based on your initial design input.
    3. Once that drawing is completed you will meet /sit with your designer to refine every aspect of the design until it is precisely what you want.
    4. During the design process you will choose your door style, color, and all other design implements.
    5. If you are including new tops you will either go to a granite yard or make a selection from samples in our showroom
    6. Finally we will price the design based on the completed work between you and your designer. We can take care of all needs pertinent to your project. Whether there is construction remodeling work included or strictly new cabinetry we can take care of all your needs.
    7. The order will now be placed. Delivery time is based on the particular cabinet selection and will vary between 3 and 8 weeks.
    8. Once they cabinets arrive, installation, depending on the size of your project will take from 2 days to a week. Your designer will visit, take notes, and take care of punch items if any.
    9. If new tops are a part of your project the measurement, fabrication, and installation will take from 7 to ten days from the start of your cabinet installation.
    10. You will work with a designer who will guide and direct you through the entire process.


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